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The Night I Fucked My Girlfriend’s Best Friend [MFF]

I snuck over to Lexi’s (my girlfriend) house one night on the same night she had her friend Brandi over. We figured with her friend over she would have an excuse if her parents wondered as to why there was so much noise or if they heard talking. Her parents are very paranoid about her having boys over so I ... Read More »

How My Stepdaughter Became My Girlfriend [Mf] [Stepdaughter]

It was just one of those things that happened. Neither one of them could explain it. They had always loved each other, but it was as father and stepdaughter. Aaron had become Natalie’s stepfather when she was four a year after her father had passed away. At twelve her mother had passed away. They become close in a way that ... Read More »

How My New Step Sister Amy Became My GF

My name is Jim and this is the story of how my new step sister Amy and I became fuck buddies. I guess my story starts with my dad and mom. You see my mom died when I was just three so it has been just me and my dad for as long as I can remember. That is until ... Read More »

Sharing His Friend’s Girlfriend

Jake walked in the front door of his friend Rob’s home to find Gwen, Rob’s girlfriend, naked and bent over the couch. She was a petite blonde who was forever involved with Rob in some sexual play every time Jake happened by. It was one of the reasons Jake was a frequent visitor to the neighborhood. His friend was nowhere ... Read More »

High School Guy Fingerbangs His Girlfriend’s Friend

Back when I was am eighteen year old Senior in high school I was known as being one of the pervy guys so most of the girls hated me. However, I eventually found someone that was willing to date me her name was Cindy she was also eighteen. As I started to hang around Cindy and her friends one of ... Read More »

How I Lost My Virginity To My Dad’s Best Friend

I lost my virginity to my dad’s best friend last weekend a two months after my eighteenth birthday. He’s in his mid 40’s like my dad and he and my dad were having drinks at our house this past weekend. I had my friend, Jodie, over and my mom was having a girls night out. Me and Jodi were sneaking ... Read More »

How My Girlfriend Susan Turned Me Into A Cuckold

My girlfriend Susan is an RN and one of her nursing colleagues is a hot Latina girl, Sofia, her boyfriend is a personal trainer.  Sophia is boy crazy and very kinky. She talked Susan into the possibility of a couple swap with them or a straight up foursome. Sofia has a tight little body and she is a fitness freak, ... Read More »

How the Neighbor’s Daughter Became My GF

My name is Mark I am 23 and I live alone with my cat. I am a graduate student and I get up early in the morning workout at the gym and then head to college. My first class is at 8:00 am and I am finished up with my classes every day by noon. Recently my neighbors have been ... Read More »

I Met Her In A Liquor Store [MF] [Reluctance]

I work the late shift at a liquor store in a small town. During the weekdays state and local ordinances require us to close at 2:00 am. The owner of the store doesn’t make any exceptions because the fines handed down by the state agency responsible for overseeing liquor stores is steep. A few nights ago this little blonde came ... Read More »

Susana the Spinner Part 3

This is part three of a series you can read it as a standalone story, but if you really want to get the characters read the other parts of the series first. Part One isn’t essential, but Part Two sort of is. I was in heaven as the love of my life an eighteen year old virgin was in my ... Read More »

Mom we kind of messed up the sheets Regan and Tim

Author’s Notes: This a coming of age story. If follows the lives of two young people that get separated by the cruelty of high school only to find their way back to each other as their Senior Year begins. They eventually loose their virginity to each other. It is meant to be tender, sweet and hopefully a little bit funny. I apologize ... Read More »

Man up son it is just pussy Jon and Tina Part 2

This is the second installment of Man up son it is just pussy series if you haven’t read it yet I suggest you read part 1 first although this works a standalone story. This is a coming of age series as it follows the adventures of a young man in his first relationship with a girl that is willing to ... Read More »