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How the Neighbor’s Daughter Became My GF

My name is Mark I am 23 and I live alone with my cat. I am a graduate student and I get up early in the morning workout at the gym and then head to college. My first class is at 8:00 am and I am finished up with my classes every day by noon. Recently my neighbors have been ... Read More »

I Met Her In A Liquor Store [MF] [Reluctance]

I work the late shift at a liquor store in a small town. During the weekdays state and local ordinances require us to close at 2:00 am. The owner of the store doesn’t make any exceptions because the fines handed down by the state agency responsible for overseeing liquor stores is steep. A few nights ago this little blonde came ... Read More »

Susana the Spinner Part 3

This is part three of a series you can read it as a standalone story, but if you really want to get the characters read the other parts of the series first. Part One isn’t essential, but Part Two sort of is. I was in heaven as the love of my life an eighteen year old virgin was in my ... Read More »

Mom we kind of messed up the sheets Regan and Tim

Author’s Notes: This a coming of age story. If follows the lives of two young people that get separated by the cruelty of high school only to find their way back to each other as their Senior Year begins. They eventually loose their virginity to each other. It is meant to be tender, sweet and hopefully a little bit funny. I apologize ... Read More »

Man up son it is just pussy Jon and Tina Part 2

This is the second installment of Man up son it is just pussy series if you haven’t read it yet I suggest you read part 1 first although this works a standalone story. This is a coming of age series as it follows the adventures of a young man in his first relationship with a girl that is willing to ... Read More »

Susana the Spinner (Part 2)

This is the second part of an ongoing series it works as a standalone story, but if you prefer read part 1 first. It was two weeks later and I was still having a difficult time dealing with Susana having broken it off with me. I kept telling myself it was for the best as she was only 18 years ... Read More »

Moms BF Caught Me Masturbating So I Had Sex With Him

When I was younger I was a mischievous  girl.  By the time I was eighteen and a Senior in high school I used to skip school all the time.  On one particular day I had managed to convince my mom that I was sick and she called in for me.  I got on Facebook, but none of my friends were ... Read More »

My GF Chloe And Her Magic Butthole

I love my girl Chloe we have been dating since we were Juniors in High school. We are eighteen year old seniors now. Chloe is really hot at 5’5 with dark brown hair and green eyes. One of her better features is her smile. She has a big beautiful smile and her lips feel wonderful wrapped around my cock. Her ... Read More »

Man up son it is just pussy Jon and Tina Part 1

Notes: This is a first time story of how a young man finally starts to get some after he gives up his fantasy of going out with the cheerleader. My name is Jon and I had just turned eighteen years old when the events I am describing took place. I was a Senior in high school. I stood 6′ 3” ... Read More »

Susana the Spinner (Part 1)

She was only eighteen, only eighteen But I loved her so She was too young to fuck And I was too dumb to know We’d laugh and we’d sing And do the little things That made my dick grow But she was too young to fuck And I was too dumb to know… When I first met Susana I wasn’t ... Read More »

I fucked my Girlfriends Stepmom

What a day I got my first ass, my first MILF and my first threesome and it all started when my girlfriend’s stepmom gave me a handjob. – Jake I had only been dating Veronica for a couple of weeks when the events I am about to describe happened. She is a petite eighteen year old with a milky white ... Read More »

How to get your GF to do Anal

Hey I got this over at RPG from one of my regulars. I didn’t have the space to post a long reply there so here it goes. Rob, I have been following you for years at the Reality Porn Guide, I didn’t realize you even had a GF site until you posted the link. Anyway my question is how do ... Read More »

Lazy Ex Girlfriend Made Me Jerk Off

My ex girlfriend was lazy. When she knew I wanted some she tried to get me to jerk off instead of taking care of me like a good girl should.   She said sucking my dick made her mouth sore the next day, and that she didn’t want to give me a hand job because I knew how to do ... Read More »