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Nothing Wrong With Mom & Son Being Naked In The House Together [m/f] [M/S]

This story features explicit sex with stepson and stepmother. None of the characters are blood related. All characters and terms including ‘boy’ ‘lad’ and ‘girl’ refer to people age 18 and over. Nothing Wrong With Mom & Son Being Naked In The House Together by: KIRSTIE TAYLOR It all started when his stepmom came downstairs one evening wearing just her ... Read More »

My Girlfriend’s Sister Carly Part 4

This story is a continuation of My Girlfriend’s Sister Carly Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3. We fucked throughout the night until we both fell asleep exhausted at around 3 am. I woke up at 10:00 am with a naked Carly in my arms. I thought to myself today is going to be a big day as Michelle is ... Read More »

My GF’s Sister Carly Part 3 [First Time] [MF]

This is a continuation of My Girlfriend’s Sister Carly Part 1 and Part 2. After Carly finished getting ready we left for the movies and we were out on our first date. Of course technically I was still in relationship with her sister, but her sister wasn’t home so I couldn’t break up with her. On the way there we ... Read More »

Beer Pong

A few weekends ago, I went to visit my friend, Jay, at college. He took me to a pretty big party. The only person I knew there was him. He met up with his buddies and they all wanted to play beer pong. He teamed up with his friend and I got paired up with a blonde girl that was ... Read More »

My Sister’s Friend Dakota Wants Me To Give Her Anal [Mf]

Eighteen year old Dakota has had a crush on her friend, Samantha’s, brother, Preston for the longest time. The trouble is she never went for it because she was afraid of making her friend mad, and she thinks Preston would probably say no because he sees her as one of his sister’s little friends and nothing more. She waited around ... Read More »

My Girlfriend’s Sister Carly Part 2

This is a continuation of My Girlfriend’s Sister Carly Part 1. I couldn’t believe it Michelle had been cheating on me, but as soon as it came out of Carly’s mouth I knew it was true. Michelle had cut way back on the frequency we had sex, and she had been acting kind of strange. A lot of times I ... Read More »

How My Niece Hannah Became My Fuck Buddy

I decided to trade in my 2008 Ford truck in and get a new 2015 as the body style had changed. My step niece, Hannah, went with me to look at the new trucks. On the way back from the dealership she told me she wanted the wheels and tires off my old truck before I traded it in. I ... Read More »

18 Year Old Guy Hooks Up With 37 Year Old MILF

Several years back when chat rooms were still popular, I spent some time on Yahoo in local and state chat rooms. I chatted with a few girls over the years, but had never worked up the courage to actually meet one in person. Then when I was 18, I began having a conversation with a 37 year old, married mom ... Read More »

My Girlfriend’s Sister Carly [MF]

I have been dating my girlfriend, Michelle, for about four years and we are both twenty. She has a younger sister who just turned eighteen. Carly is blonde, and has a real nice body with curves in all the right places. Much to the dismay of her sister and the rest of her family she likes to dress like a ... Read More »

My GF Tasted Her Sister On My Cock [MF]

This is the story of how my girlfriend ended up tasting her own sister on my cock. My girlfriend’s name was Alison we had met during our last year of high school when we were both eighteen. About 3 months into our relationship Alison still didn’t want to have sex, and I was getting frustrated as all she was putting ... Read More »

Confessions of a Cheater Part 3 Amanda Does Anal

Justin is married to Beth and Amanda is married to Jason. Beth and Amanda are best friends. Justin has been sexually unsatisfied in his marriage as Beth rarely wants to have sex since giving birth to their two kids. Amanda was always flirting with Justin so one day he decided to push her and she ended up confessing she had ... Read More »

Confessions of a Cheater Part 2 The First Time We Fucked

This is part two of Confessions of a Cheater. The events in this part take place immediately in the aftermath of Justin and Amanda admitting they had a thing for each other and having phone sex in Part 1. Part two covers the first time they have sex together. I get home and my wife Beth is in the bed ... Read More »

Reunion Part 2 Sex on A Four Wheeler

This story follows the characters you met in Reunion Part 1. In case you missed it Cody returned to his hometown he had fled at eighteen after suffering a horrible embarrassment at the hands of his high school crush for his twentieth high school reunion. He arrives a few days early and meets a 20 year old waitress named Ruby ... Read More »